New Year, New M......Goals Actually

We're just 8 days into 2016 & so much has been going on a few shows coming up, still trying to keep the Wizards fans pumped up even though they haven't done too well at home, & other miscellaneous happenings.  The process of just balancing it all is pretty challenging but far from unconquerable, it's all about getting through the marathon we call Life.  And enough with this "new year, new me" bull.  That's just a saying at this point & there never was a "new me".  It was just a new goal, mindset, or habit that you've either changed for the better or worse.  This year, I have many goals & aspirations that has the prime opportunity to come to fruition.  In order to meet them I have to install the "new year, new me" aspect & change some of my habits & most importantly, tighten up my work ethic.  I challenge you, your closest friends, and family to do the same: go out & be active in your community more, change some of your habits for your greater good, drink more water, read something everyday that enriches your mind or ways of thinking, & please be optimistic.  Buy a journal & log in an entry a day chronicling your emotions, your productivity, etc.  That way you can use the journal like a playbook or game notes.  Study your ups & downs, highs & lows.  Ask yourself "What can I do better tomorrow that I didn't do well today?"  All for the purpose of bettering yourself as well as the personal & business relationships you manage in your life.   Conduct quarterly reports or every 6 months at this point (since it's January) & really work on yourself.  I know this sounds very extra but trust me it's these things that make the biggest difference & impact on your life.  Especially if you've never done this before.  Remember: always work on yourself no matter how good it seems you've got it.


- JV

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